Why post on your Google Business Profile (GBP)?

Posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be very demanding on resources. These social media platforms are meant to engage users, open a conversation and move them towards becoming your customer.

If you have previously posted to any of these platforms, you know how much time can be involved. If you have ever hired anyone to manage social media posting and engagement, you know how quickly the cost can add up.

The main goal of GBP posting is much more simplified: consistently use the posting service so Google sees you are taking regular action to keep your GBP current. The more attention you give your GBP, the more love Google shows when people are doing local business & service searches on Google Maps.

GBP posting is not meant to replace your presence on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, it is a tool that will increase your exposure when potential customers are searching Google specifically for local goods & services you offer in their areas.

GBP posting doesn’t interfere with any other services that you are having done with your company (SEO, websites, paid ads etc.) and will complement those efforts giving customers more information to look through after they find you and reach out initially.

How does it work?

We utilize a branded library (90 to 180 images depending on your niche) with your company logo and general information about your industry.

Each day a post will be generated on your GBP that includes a graphic and text with a randomized hashtag (#yourindustry, #yourspecialty etc.) and a text-based call to action (call us now, visit our website, email us).

When all the posts have been used, they will get reused with slightly different text so to Google it will never be duplicate content. Also, you will have seen every post in advance that will be used, so there will be no images used that you have not already pre-approved.

How do I get started?

For each GBP location, there is a $297 setup fee to brand the full library and perform a GBP audit to make sure everything is optimized & up to date in your business listing.

You will receive a breakdown of any recommendations & content requirements to fully complete your GBP.

Once the listing is optimized and you have approved the posts to be used, the recurring monthly subscription is $197/month for each location.

If you are ready to get started or you have any other questions, contact us:

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