You probably need some more information and some answers before websites will seem exciting and fun.

ANYONE can build you a website!

If you don't believe me, ask anyone you know under the age of 30 if they know someone that can put a website together for you. A family member, co-worker, staff member or someone walking down the street, almost everyone will tell you that either they can, or they "have a friend that will take care of it" . . . no problem . . . right?

They will get to work, researching all the tools out there to make website creation a breeze for your new website.

"There are plenty of tools out there . . . this should be easy . . . so many decisions . . . is THIS the right tool . . . no, maybe this one . . .  oh, wait here's a new one . . . oh, that one costs money . . . I didn't take that into consideration . . . this is more time consuming than I imagined. "

Sometimes a great website will be the result, but more often than not due to the lack of communication, not knowing what questions to ask, and not clearly defining the details of the project, communications slowly fade away. Without knowing what you are paying for and what you are getting in return, both parties typically get frustrated.

One day you think to yourself "what happened to that website we started last year?".

There are low-end services that will let you create a free website. There are low-end services that will charge a low monthly fee to thousands of customers, give you the tools to build your own website (knowing that most customers give up trying to use the tool but forget to cancel the account).

Both require you to start learning something new (instead of working on your business) with the hope that you can put something together to represent your company to the world.

There are also high-end services with an entire team of designers and developers waiting to spring into action and build you the greatest site you have ever seen.

"The finest in all the land" as the cool kids used to say in the late 1800's.

However, this website will cost you a small fortune . . . also, it would've taken about 100 years for those cool kids to finish that website (the first website went online 1991-08-06).

I focus on that perfect spot between the low-end and the high-end giving you a modern, clean, fast website that is optimized for viewing on all devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets) that won't cost you the kingdom.

I specifically provide websites for service-based and specialty product-based businesses.

I don't create a website that will showcase every product and service you offer, because as you already know, most of your revenue is generated from a small part of your overall offering.

The most effective use of a website is to focus on the top products or services (generally 3 or 4 of them) and educate your viewers on why you are the best resource to solve their problem with that product or service.

I take your logo, photos, descriptions of products & services and create a 24-hour salesperson for you online that is always ready to teach your customers why they should choose you.

Next, you will find full details of what is included with each plan. Below the plans, you will find the FAQ section that answers the most common questions related to the plans.

If you have questions get in touch with me here.

Website Plans - All Prices are in CAD



  • Setup Fee:
  • ** Domain Name:
  • Secure SSL:
  • Optimized for SEO:
  • Mobile Responsive:
  • Pages Included:
  • Testimonials Included:
  • Logo/Graphics Cleanup:
  • Social Media Links:
  • Google Reviews:
  • Email Forwards:
  • Team/Staff Section:
  • Landing Pages:
  • Connect to Email List:
  • Quick Updates:
  • Blog Section:

Tier 1

$27 per month *

  • Setup Fee: $197
  • ** Domain Name: Yes
  • Secure SSL: Yes
  • Optimized for SEO: Yes
  • Mobile Responsive: Yes
  • Pages Included: 3 Pages
  • Testimonials Included: 1 Testimonial
  • Logo/Graphics Cleanup: 1 File
  • Social Media Links: 1 Link
  • Google Reviews: 1 Recent Review
  • Email Forwards: 1 Included
  • Team/Staff Section: 1 Team/Staff Member
  • Landing Pages: No
  • Connect to Email List: No
  • Quick Updates: No
  • Blog Section: No

Tier 2

$57 per month *

  • Setup Fee: $397
  • ** Domain Name: Yes
  • Secure SSL: Yes
  • Optimized for SEO: Yes
  • Mobile Responsive: Yes
  • Pages Included: 5 Pages
  • Testimonials Included: 3 Testimonials
  • Logo/Graphics Cleanup: 2 Files
  • Social Media Links: 3 Links
  • Google Reviews: 3 Recent Reviews
  • Email Forwards: 3 Included
  • Team/Staff Section: 3 Team/Staff Members
  • Landing Pages: 1 Landing Page
  • Connect to Email List: Subscribe Button
  • Quick Updates: 1 Per Month
  • Blog Section: No

Tier 3

$77 per month *

  • Setup Fee: $597
  • ** Domain Name: Yes
  • Secure SSL: Yes
  • Optimized for SEO: Yes
  • Mobile Responsive: Yes
  • Pages Included: 10 Pages
  • Testimonials Included: 6 Testimonials
  • Logo/Graphics Cleanup: 3 Files
  • Social Media Links: 5 Links
  • Google Reviews: 5 Recent Reviews
  • Email Forwards: 5 Included
  • Team/Staff Section: 5 Team/Staff Members
  • Landing Pages: 2 Landing Pages
  • Connect to Email List: Custom Form
  • Quick Updates: 2 Per Month
  • Blog Section: Yes

* plus applicable taxes  | ** only .com, .ca and .net domain names included

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most common questions with answers.

Click/tap on each question to toggle open/close the answers and additional information.

No, applicable taxes are applied to all fees dependant on which province your billing address is in.

The most popular domain extensions for Canadian businesses are .com, .ca and .net.

You can use a service like Namecheap to search for domain name options and try to find one that you are happy with. 

SSL is a technology that allows a secure connection between the devices that your visitors are using and your website.

SSL is a key part of the technology that is used to secure online transactions and banking.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the process of making your information organized to allow search engines to find and recommend your content to search engine users.

Mobile responsive means that regardless of what device is being used to view your page (laptop, desktop, smart phone or tablet), it will look good, and be easy to read/navigate.

An email forward is a virtual email address such as [email protected] that will redirect messages to the regular email address you use for your company communication.

You can choose up to 3 recipients for each email forward. For example, if David, Tina, and Alice are all on your sales team, [email protected] can be configured to forward a copy of the email to all three of them.

The team/staff section allows you to show a photo, name and short biography of team/staff members.

A landing page is set up with a single goal in mind.

Showcase your featured product or service to your visitors with no distractions.

An email list is exactly what it sounds like, a list of email addresses. You may already ask for your customer email addresses in your daily operations. A great (and free) place to start your mailing list (if you don't have one) is to sign up for an account with MailChimp. Once you have registered your account we can connect your mailing list to your Mailchimp account. Setting things up in this way keeps you in control of your customer list at all times.

A mailing list of your customers allows you to connect with them after they have left your place of business. Let them know about holiday hours, new products or services and special offers for returning customers.

Quick fixes are any task that takes 10 minutes or less. Update a photo, change some text, reword a menu item.

In Tier 2 & Tier 3 plans, you have included quick fixes every month.

The completion of the website relies on the availability of the images (logo, services, storefront etc.) and text to describe your company, the history of your company and your products, services and staff.

Yes, if you have more pages left in your plan, you can provide content for those pages at any time.

If you have hit the maximum number of pages in your plan additional pages can be purchased and added to the account.

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